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Insta reports, analysis and growth tracking AI tool for IG.
Track your new followers, unfollowers, blockers, and analyze your post and story engagement.
You can track follower gains and loss.
Analyze post and story interaction and performance.
Find out viewers of stories and get the detailed charts reports.
We also have an repost tool, so you can easily repost other people's posts, videos, even stories!
More than 50 detailed metrics, IG Reports and Repost with AI.
All-in-one solutions for every Instagram users.
• Who blocked you on Insta?
• Who unfollowed you on Instagram?
• Who followed you?
• Who watches your story?
• Watch other stories.
• integrated repost tool.
• Track post performance & engagements.
• Who is not following you back?
• Detailed Artificial Intelligence reports for your profile.
• Who is your fans?
• Integrated profile viewer.
• Daily profile analysis reports.
• Mass unfollow function for every list.
• Small charts for quick reporting in the lists.
• Get an detailed PDF reports for your profile and growth strategy.
• Use AI automation for tracking your followers.
• Who don't follow you back?
• Who is your fans?
• Multiple account management
• Detect spam followers and remove.
• Detect ghost followers and remove.
• View your favorite profiles.
• Your most engaged content on your profile.
• Easy story repost.
• Post performance analytics.
• Followed profiles.
• Unfollowed profiles.
• Mutual followers.
• Top followers.
• New followers.
• Lost followers.
• Profile discovery.
• Profile search.
• Unlimited instagram stats and access.
• Opening Instagram links.
• Quick stats slider.
• Quick stats list.
• App preview for just see how its working.
We recommend that you wait a minimum of 1 week for your data to be processed Reports AI: Followers Tracker to work most efficiently.
Please Note:
- You must have an Instagram account to use Reports AI: Followers Tracker
- We will never see or store your data for any purpose in our servers.
- All the data is just recording in your phone for long time reporting.
- We recommend you to use 2FA Authentication for profile safety.
- We are using Artificial Intelligence for profile analysis.
- Analysis time can be long or short according to your account and followers amount.
- You can use try without login button to just see what is inside on the app, but you have to login for the real data.
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Reports AI: Followers Tracker is a powerful tool for IG users who want to track their followers and analyze their account performance with AI. With its advanced features and
easy-to-use interface, the app is a must-have for anyone who is serious about growing their Instagram following and building a strong, engaged audience. Whether you are a
business owner, influencer, or just a casual user, Reports AI: Followers Tracker can help you take your Instagram game to the next level.

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