POV Car Driving 4.9 [free]


Pov Car Driving is a driving game that you will face with curved roads, endless highways, trial events with no limits. Remember this is not a simple race game, this is a
kind of game like long ride driving game. But however, if you want to race with your opponents you can race with other faster cars in the traffic.
You must be aware of to traffic jams, crashed cars, speed limits, speed cameras, and many little detail in this game.
Let's check whats offering our game Pov Car Driving to fastest drivers!» Endless curved roads
You can experiance endless, curved and detailed highways. We are using road variant algoritm that you will always face with new kind of ways while you are driving with
your car.» Curves
There are many of endless racing game with only straight roads. We created curved roads for you to drive on it. Our steer helper and curved road will offering you a great
car driving experiance. You will be feel like driving on a highway.» Speed Radars
While you are driving, you must be avoid of speed radars. Remember, speed cameras are invented for our driving safety. We put some speed cameras on your path for make sure
your journey is in "safe". We also put some other surprises for you. Drive safe!» Radio Channels
What will you do if we will tell you you can listen a real internet radio while you playing your game and you can controll it on your cars radio? You can listen your
favorite radio while driving with your car.» Realistic Cabin Sounds
This is a long ride driving game and we must be design everything realistic as we can. You will notice that you will only hear trim and turbo sounds while driving with new
cars. And of course there will be wind sounds if you go faster than "normal limits". This reduce canceling car isolations will make your journey less annoying.» Dynamic Weather
We know you want to drive fast as you can but you always watch the weather condition for make your driving safier! With our dynamic weather change algorithm you must avoid
of some serius weather conditions.» High Detailed Cockpits
When you start your journey with your car you will notice extra details on your car. We put almost every car details to our cockpits. When you racing with time, you will
feel the driving in car atmoshpere.
and many more awesome contents is waiting for you.
You can control your car with tilt, buttons or steering wheel. You can collect points while passing cars, you can collect diamonds and you can unlock special cars with
special events!
If you are tired of clone racing games, POV Car Driving is waiting for you.

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