The Book of Al-Tibyan fi Etiquette of the People of the Qur’an by Al-Nawawi
By Abu Zakaria Yahya bin Sharaf Al-Hazami Al-Nawawi Al-Shafi’i, known as Al-Nawawi

Enjoy reading the book Al-Tibyan fi Etiquette of the Qur’an Campaign by Al-Nawawi with the application of books and stories, without the Internet, and many other
Al-Tibyan fi Etiquette of Bearers of the Qur’an is a book that contains the etiquette required of the bearer of the Holy Qur’an, the descriptions of its memorizers and
students, the etiquette of the teacher of the Qur’an, the virtue of reciting it, and the honor that God has prepared for the people of the Qur’an.
He also discussed the etiquette that teachers and learners of the Qur’an must adhere to, the etiquette related to reading, and what verses and surahs should a Muslim recite
at specific times and circumstances? It also addresses how to write the Qur’an, control its words, and other topics that are indispensable for every Muslim.
The book is distinguished in mentioning jurisprudential issues and rulings that pertain to the Qur’an or have a close or distant connection to it according to the four
schools of thought. Not all issues are mentioned according to the schools of thought. Sometimes it mentions the sayings of the imams of three schools of thought but not the
fourth school of thought, with none being different in mentioning. The author did not limit himself to mentioning the schools of thought, but rather He mentioned the
opinions of other scholars in jurisprudential ruling, such as Muhammad bin Sirin, Al-Hasan Al-Basri, Ibrahim Al-Nakha’i, Abu Thawr, Abdullah bin Omar, Saeed bin Al-Musayyab,
Saeed bin Jubayr, Ishaq bin Rahawayh, Abu Bakr bin Al-Mundhir, and many others that are difficult to enumerate. The book contained all the jurisprudential rulings related to
the Qur’an without An exception, whether near or far, is what comes to the mind of the seeker of knowledge and what does not come to his mind
Abu Zakaria Yahya bin Sharaf Al-Hazami Al-Nawawi Al-Shafi’i (631 AH - 1233 AD / 676 AH - 1277 AD), known as “Al-Nawawi,” is a Muslim hadith scholar, jurist, and linguist,
and one of the most prominent Shafi’i jurists. He is famous for his many books and classifications in jurisprudence, hadith, language, and biographies, such as Riyadh
Al-Salehin, Al-Arba’in Al-Nawawi, Minhaj Al-Talibeen, and Al-Rawdah. He is described as the editor of the Shafi’i school of thought, its refiner, its reviewer and its
arranger, as the work among Shafi’i jurists has settled on what Al-Nawawi suggests is most likely. Al-Nawawi is called the Sheikh of the Shafi’is. If the word “two sheikhs”
is used according to the Shafi’is, they mean Al-Nawawi and Abu Al-Qasim Al-Rafi’i Al-Qazwini.
❇️ Some reviews of Al-Nawawi’s book Al-Tibyaan fi Adab Hammalat Al-Qur’an ❇️

▪️Source of reviews:▪️
- This book has a very, very special meaning for me. I lived with it wonderful moments and went to other worlds, even though it only talks about the etiquette of reading the
Qur’an and about the righteous predecessors, how they used to complete the Qur’an sometimes in a week, sometimes in three days, or sometimes in one night, in addition to the
importance of preserving what has been preserved. From him before starting something new, and he made it a daily feature so that he would not forget. I learned a lot of
etiquette, and with the comments and notes, I would smile at times and think at other times. I expect that every reader of the Qur’an should read this book, especially
memorization and those who memorize it. Oh God, make us memorizers of your book and grant us its recitation. The night and the ends of the day, O God, remind us of what we
have forgotten and teach us what we are ignorant of, Amen, Lord of the Worlds
- One of the fruits of sincerity is that knowledge spreads after the death of its owner. May God have mercy on Imam al-Nawawi and grant us sincerity in words and deeds. I
studied this book in a Sharia sciences course. It is one of the basic books in any Sharia sciences course.
- A very, very nice book. Every Muslim who reads the Qur’an should read it. It is full of general morals about learning, teaching, and memorizing the Qur’an. About the
virtue of reading the Qur’an and its etiquette, and about everything related to the Holy Qur’an, with short chapters and a precise style. One of the books that makes an
impact on Behavior, feeling and faith... I highly recommend it
Mram Akeel
- A valuable book that details the etiquette of the Qur’an and its bearers, as well as those who do not carry it, in a simple and understandable way ♥ .. As well as reading
it, concluding it, and reading it while performing prayers.. I strongly recommend it ♥
- Everyone who reads the Holy Qur’an must have read the book “Al-Tibyan” by the Qur’an campaigners, in order to understand the proper etiquette and methods of dealing with
the Holy Qur’an.
❇️ The subject of Al-Tibyan fi Etiquette of the Bearers of the Qur’an by Al-Nawawi ❇️

Chapter One: On the virtue of reciting the Qur’an and carrying it.
Chapter Two: On the preference for reading and reading.
Chapter Three: On honoring the people of the Qur’an.
Chapter Four: On the etiquette of his teacher and his learner.
Chapter Five: On the etiquette of the bearer.
Chapter Six: On the etiquette of reading, which is most of the book, and its purpose.
Chapter Seven: On the etiquette of all people with the Qur’an.
Chapter Eight: On the verses and surahs that are recommended at specific times.
Chapter Nine: On writing the Qur’an and honoring the Qur’an.
Chapter Ten: On specifying the names and languages ​​mentioned in the book in the order in which they occur.
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